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Operational Services

At the heart of any successful organization, you're likely to find a well-managed and well-maintained operational infrastructure. Whether you are just getting started or simply looking to modernize in a few key areas, GFB offers a diverse range of operational and administrative support services to help keep your business running smoothly.

Process Standardization Services

Process Services

Your business requires the simultaneous operation of numerous processes in order to operate smoothly and profitably. GFB provides process design, process documentation, and process management services that can assist you and your business with maintaining a high standard of operational efficiency.

Process Standardization Services

Standard Processes

Documenting your business’s operational procedures adds value to your operation! It also makes your business more attractive to potential employees. It's really that simple. So, are you ready to take your business’s operations to the next level?

Process Standardization Services

Technical Processes

Documenting technical systems is tedious work, but it's not as awful as working on poorly documented systems. If you want your software to shine you're going to need technical documentation. Talk to GFB today and find out how easy it is to get started..

Process Standardization Services

Document Standardization

It's best to assume whatever you plan on standardizing will evolve in the future. That is no reason not to standardize. It just means you need a dynamic process; G.F.B can help with that.

Process Standardization Services

Process Training & Development

Creating a process is one thing, following a process is a whole other game. People that create processes for a living rarely do so without consultation and more often than not they still need to be trained. If you and your team do too, we'd be happy to help.

Document Services

Professionally crafted documents are a hallmark of a well-managed operation. Gigs For Bytes provides a wide range of document creation and management services designed to assist businesses, side-projects, and ideas of all sizes.

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Standard Documents

For all of your invoices, letterhead, policies, PDF's, and spreadsheets.

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Revision Reproduction

Looking for a new format or in need of an alternate file type?

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Document Editing

Some say a second set of eyes is beneficial. Let's see if they're right.

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Contracts & Agreements

Provide some TLC to your T&C's. Barrister not included.

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Data Visualization

Data Visualization services designed to bring life to your data and add flavour to your reports.

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Present & Pitch

From traditional presentation to coded pitch decks. GFB will ensure you present like a pro.

Marketing Services

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Marketing your business takes a lot of work, but it doesn't have to take so much time. GFB, is pleased to help businesses of all sizes develop, manage, and evolve their marketing plans & processes. Our services will ensure your media gets organized, stays organized, and gets out at the right time.

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Remote Administration Services

Electronically delivered services to address a wide range of commerce needs. GFB offers short-term, long-term, and individualized services to support the growth of your side-gig, start-up, or business, all without asking for a corner office.

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Technical Services from G.F.B.

Website development, technical coordination, eCommerce administration, technical documentation and more! Gigs for Bytes offers a wide range of technical services to help support all types of business and personal needs.

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