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Technical Services

More than web development, our goal is to assist our clients with understanding what type of website development best suits their business model. Whether you are contemplating opening a new business or simply thinking of revising your current site, GFB is here to assist with sound advice, web presence testing, upgrading, development, and maintenance services.

Websites For All Sizes

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Starter Sites

Get online quickly and centralize your brand’s presence early with a professionally crafted placeholder website or starter website from Gigs For Bytes. Ideal for new & evolving businesses!

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Business Websites

Statically generated single-page sites & applications have taken the web by storm. No matter if you’re just starting out or simply looking to modernize your web presence, G.F.B is here to help.

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Temporary Websites

There are many ways to build a modern reactive website. We don’t know all of them, but we know more than a few. If your ambition won’t fit in a box don’t change your plan, change your service provider.

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eCommerce Services

No matter the size of your eCommerce ambition you'll find your way to profit sooner if you choose the right development path for your business. Let G.F.B. help you do just that.

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Marketing Websites

Having a small venture does not mean sacrificing on quality. Many of the most successful brands in the world started and stayed with a small list of products.

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Custom Configurations

If you have more than a few dozen SKU’s you're going to need more than a basic eCommerce Website. Let us provide you with some options that meet both your ambition and your budget.

Web Development & Administration shouldn't cost a fortune & understanding the costs shouldn’t be a mystery wrapped in a riddle. Gigs For Bytes provides cost-effective, transparently priced solutions designed to meet a diverse range of professional and personal needs. Want to know more, just ask.

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SEO and Website Research


Ensuring your website or application is performing up to spec can be quite the process. G.F.B. offers a wide range of full-stack testing services to ensure a glitch-free web experience. Contact us today for a free evaluation.

SEO and Website Research


Years ago Search Engine Optimization could be offered as a one-time service. Today, ensuring your business stays relevant in Search Results takes substantially more than it once did. Luckily it does not have to cost a fortune. Contact G.F.B. today to learn how.


The best way to lower your technical maintenance & administration costs is to learn a little bit about maintaining your tech. If that does not interest you we’ll be happy to charge you a reasonable monthly fee forever.

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Mobile First Development

Creating a modern reactive web experience for your business means ensuring that experience translates across platforms. At Gigs for Bytes, we take a mobile-first approach to web development because we know how important small screens are.

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Technical Documentation

Technical documentation is a tedious task. No matter if you're a non-technical business owner or a fintech entrepreneur chances are good, you or at least a few members of your team despise documents. If this sounds familiar contact GFB when ready.

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